Saturday, January 21, 2012

Industrial Flowers

I was working in a auto salvage at the time, while pulling parts I found these small gears in the backseat of a car and I realized they were discarded starter parts, having a thing for mechanical items I gathered them up thinking they would become part of an assemblage or something, I was driving home that night and stopped at traffic light and saw sunflowers on the road side dancing in the wind, that's when the idea hit me to try and make flowers from them.  Several failed attempts to create a green stems that would allow a swaying motion lead me to try bailing wire, the bolts are from a car fender, they pass through the center of the gears and attach the wire to the gear/flower.  I tried several different items for a vase, none seemed to work. I had a few ceramic tile corners I had bought , at first I just taped them together to get an idea what it would look like, it clicked like a puzzle snapping together, a bit of sheet rock tape and patch plaster I had me a vase. But what to fill the vase with, on whim I used some of my steel wool to fill it, like moss you see in flower arrangements. With the simple lines and steel mixed with ceramics Industrial Flowers fits as a name.