Saturday, May 19, 2012

Earth and Sky.

This is my first painting, I normally create things from other things so I was
venturing into new territory here. Like all my creations this too is mostly second
hand sources, I built the frame from scrap, covered it with pasteboard from a grocery pallet and paint too is from various sources none of it new. The only new stuff here is the glue and gesso. I'll get a better picture but for now here you go.
5/20/2012 a new picture of my painting, as promised. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sedgwick County Animal Response Team

I was building a bird house to donate the above mentioned organization
for their June auction, then the April tornado changed everything. I've decided
to make a large abstract instead. Here is the start, I made the frame from
scrap, and glued a large piece of poster board to the front, I got the poster board
from a local grocery store it comes in the weekly shipments.It measures 30"x30".
As soon as I get it done I'll be adding a picture of it. 

Oh and here is a link to S.C.A.R.T.