Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freedom Bound

I read a lot of news and current events, and the assault on the constitution and peoples civil liberties upsets me the most. It started with the government abusing hate crime laws to silence people, then moved into free speech zones, police arresting people under wire wiretapping for taking their picture in public, Cass Sunstein wanting to chill the first amendment,S.O.P.A , P.I.P.A , A.C.T.A and A.E.T.A . If you don't know these anachronisms, then look them up and learn where your rights are being lost.

I wanted to show in a physical manner how I felt about these infringments on peoples civil rights, how we are not only caged physically but also how our words are lock away from us by laws. 

This isn't just a poster, there is an unabridged dictionary wrapped in chains on a display board on the wall of my apartment, as well as a
computer file to create this poster.

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