Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walking Stick 1

Sold 4/26/2012

This was my first walking stick made from an oak balusters from Habitat For Humanity and a black porcelain door knob from an estate sale, I found the baluster in a bin and as always my mind was saying what else could you make with this, a club my inner child said, no, not enough appeal and go sit down, a walking stick, now you might have something. But what to top it with ?  Oh, I know a glass door knob, so it looks like you have a big diamond on top.  So the search was on for an old glass door knob, but as you can see I found something else that I felt made for an interesting contrast. The knob was missing the brass attachment which made it easy for me to carve down the top of the baluster to fit inside the knob, which I epoxied on.  It's about 35" in length and could be cut down if needed.

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