Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weave of Life

Have you ever found something that has been thrown away and said what could I do with that ? Ok maybe not. This is steel strapping you find around any number of items used to hold heavy cargo in shipping.  As I have stated before patterns and mechanical things catch my eye, so it was only natural for me to weave it together. After seeing some abstract art I though this was as good as anything they made, so I glued cardboard to the back of it to hold it together then took one of my other pawn shop canvases, stained it with rust and pastels, and attached my weave to it, the finishing touch was banding the outside.  I created a title to give you something to think about how life is order,disorder, decay, rust , hard, soft all wrapped in one package and how it sometimes goes outside the lines.


  1. Nice, man! I can almost imagine an exhibit full of this kind of art. :] I’ve used metal strapping as material for a home economics project I did back then. I made some sort of a sphere from it, which you may think is nothing special. But if you hang it and enclose it to your lighting fixture, it will look great. :D -->Carl

    1. I'm glad you like it. I like your sphere idea too, now find away to take it from a common geometric shape and make it yours, with color or rust, maybe a cluster of various sizes, perhaps blinking LED's, explore your creativity and have fun.