Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pretty Deadly

A few of my ideas for creations like this one come from surfing the web, I saw a picture of the same type of grenade totally covered in gold leaf, it was titled golden bomb, I thought to myself, that's a pretty deadly , an idea was born. Being that I'm a son of a WW2/ Korean veteran you shouldn't be shocked I had a practice hull like this lying around gathering rust, I began preparing the surface for painting since I couldn't afford gold leaf, after several fail attempt to paint the fuse assembly ( the top shiny bit ) I settled on polishing it and giving it a coat of clear. I wanted someway of hanging it on the wall, but creating a shadow box was just a bit outside my carpentry skills and living in a studio apt the thought of digging out my tool from storage and the following mess was just too much.  While on a dumpster diving expedition I came across a large block of white packing foam, I realized I could make my shadow box from this with just a razor blade and ruler. I sized the block to fit an 8x10 picture frame, made the hollow, covered it in paper mache, felt and paint. Even though it's leaning in the picture there is a peg up through the hole in the bottom to hold it semi steady. This final touch was custom made dog tag that reads Pretty Deadly.

I showed this on a message board, one person encouraged me to have a serious meaning to the title an anti war, weapons message, but I'd rather go with the gallows humor that was the original concept, it's pretty being all polished and paint up for a tool of war that is designed to kill or maim.  A play on words nothing deeper. 

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