Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walking Stick 2

Once again I was in Habitat For Humanity, but this time I found this long beautiful unfinished Oak baluster, it was the right shape for a walking stick and at the same estate sale I bought the porcelain knob I bought a set of very old bronze door knobs. So I set about creating yet another walking stick. Unlike the first connecting the wood and knob needed more than just epoxy, it required tapping the knob for a section of all thread, then a hole drilled into the baluster to accept the all thread and T nut and finally a copper coupling to cover the seam between the two and add some strength.
The final step was creating a finish, I used vegetable oil and bees wax rubbed in several coats. It's a heavy well made walking stick if I do say so myself, it's about 41" in length.

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