Friday, February 3, 2012

Gear Head Mace

Little boys will pick up sticks and imagine they are guns, sword and magic wands, at heart I'm still that little boy imagining. In a pawn shop I found a gear shift for a truck and thought it looked like a ball bat, my inner child said " Oooh cool club"  so I bought it.  While in the process of gathering up my creations to get photographs to create this blog I rediscovered my cool club. I'm not sure what made think of a medieval mace, could have been where the lever threads to the transmission not really sure, but I went to the hardware store and found a bolt that matched the threads and was making a list of items to top it as I didn't have the money for everything at the time, and thought I'd go back later and buy them. Back at home I continued my cleaning and I was moving a box of items I had gathered for an assemblage when a timing gear caught my eye, well it looked mace like with all the teeth, but no way could the shaft hole be the same size as my bolt, I smiled when the bolt was easily wiggled through the hole in the gear.  Next came removing the knob since it didn't lend itself it the concept, and by luck, no not luck more like by a case of mild hording I had a rubber grip on a broken tool that I'd not thrown out yet, I cannibalized it to finish this creation. So since most of the parts came from vehicles the whole gear head thing fit as a name.  SOLD ! 

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  1. Well I renamed this a Zombie Mace, and I took it to Bargain Hunters of Kansas at 2724 E Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67214. They helped me sell it. So this is now gone. SOLD !