Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Self Centered

What started this was trying to get a stylized signature for my art, the free flowing two second wave of the hand signatures like those of celebrities. I noticed with all the loops in my name it was almost an abstract drawing in its self, so I took a piece of paper and began using nearly every marker, pen, and colored pencil I had, going over and over, I liked how it looked but it needed a form a defined area, so I randomly picked the circle. I had traded a pawn shop for three stretched canvases I picked the cleanest of the three and went to work, first drawing the circle very lightly with a pencil in the center, then going nuts writing my name. As I was nearing completion disaster stuck, or so I thought a drop of sweat hit the canvas causing some of the ink to run, I thought I could fix it with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball, it only aggravated the problem, I stepped back and thought why not blur the whole thing, so I did. I decided to keep the frame simple so as to not distract from the piece. The title started as vanity which I thought was too dry and had no life I then change it to self centered, which is more fun and light hearted.

                                                     Sold !

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